Paloma wool is my name and the name of this project, which is about getting dressed and the space and ideas that are created around the act of getting dressed. 

I was born in San Sebastian in 1989 and grew up in Barcelona. I studied Business Management and learned about the fashion industry growing up with my parents building their personal life projects in fashion. I always dreamed of creating my own project but it wasn't until I decided to focus on artistic exploration and that I wasn’t going to follow established fashion industry practices and calendars that I launched paloma wool in April 2014.

I like to study the space and ideas around the act of getting dressed by telling a story through different artistic disciplines by collaborating with artists around the world who are also interested in exploring the concept in their own way.

Getting dressed is something universal but unique and personal. I have always been intrigued by our individual choice of color combinations, fabrics, shapes, and textures we choose to present ourselves with. Everything we create within the project explores that intuition by playing, challenging, filming, performing, building, breaking, and learning with an artistic community.