Leather items will last a lifetime if taken care of attentively.


[Optimum care]

Protect leather from humidity and prolonged exposure to light and heat.
Avoid friction with rough surfaces and contact with water, oil, perfumes, and cosmetics. Store leather pieces inside the dust bag received with your item or wrap them up in a soft cloth. Leather shoes are better stored inside their box, and with the filling they came with.

[Care More]

> Matte leather;
Gently brush the surface with a cotton cloth.

> Shiny effect leather;
Avoid using any type of product to clean or protect shiny leather items.
Products will damage the surface.

> Soft, shiny leather;
Use a cloth with an alcohol-free polish.

> Split leather;
Gently brush the surface with a soft brush.
Do not apply any products on this surface.

Check our online care section if you have any doubts about what kind of leather your piece is and how to take care of it.