All paloma wool knitted garments have a bag with a thread joined to the hand tag, please keep them for any possible future reparations. In case you don’t have the same thread use a similar weighted yarn and of the same material at best.



[1] Place the garment on a flat surface and take time to analyze the area affected by the hole. Then clean the area by cutting any extra loose threads around the hole.

[2] Thread the needle and leave two different lengths of thread on either side of the needle, don’t make any knot at the end of the thread. Begin sewing at 3cm (1,18 inches) away from the hole. Secure your thread with a couple of reverse stitches.

[3] Identify the broken loops that run away of the piece and catch them with the thread.

[4] Sew them together with the upper loop or to the nearest seam.

[5] Turn the garment inside out and fix the thread by making a knot and reverse stitches.

* In case the hole is really small, just turn your garment inside out and stitch the broken loops together.

[All you need]



Regular needle