Awewave x paloma wool

September 8, 2021

We were looking to represent a dimension in which we portrayed mystical creatures with a special connection among each other and nature. We created an organic platform on set to symbolize the earth which is intrinsically connected to the women in the images. Illustrating the strength of connections that are normally unseen.

Iñigo is from San Sebastián, the same town I was born in. He studied graphic design and works as a photographer. His work is truly inspiring; I love the influence graphism has in his photos and how he understands light. It was beautiful to see paloma wool through his eyes.

Iñigo, what is your background in the arts? And how does that or anything else influence what you do?

My vision in photography is inspired by graphic design which I use in the post-production of my photographs. I started developing my work by portraying my close environment and my interests mutated to fashion photography. 

Who or what is an important artistic reference for your work?

My references are based on a mix of photobooks, fashion magazines, graphic design studios…But my essence is related to my intuition and the content I consume every day.

What was the technical process throughout this particular project?

When I saw the capsule I instantly imagined a group of women interacting in a fantasy world. In this case, I captured the movement and behavior of natural fire and used it to produce intangible energies and the visual relationship between the women on set.  

Photography: Iñigo Awewave
Styling: Flor Violeta Sobrequés Palma
Set design: Banzai Turba
MUAH: Gloria Rico
Light: Alex V. Casanovas
MUAH Assistant: Joyce Valadares
Producer: Margaux Moulet
Talent: Xulia, Marimar, Soraya & Chelsea

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