Cupro is a plant-based material made from recycled cotton cellulose waste, and we have been making different color variations of some of our most iconic pieces Carole and Junio, with it for years; it’s one of our favorite fabrics to work with.


[Optimum care]

Only wash when necessary. Cupro is velvety, enduring, and has a gorgeous weight, but it can also be prone to damage if not cared for appropriately. 
The fabric seems to lose its soft touch when washed with water, but it recovers its full quality when worn or ironed.

[Care More]

> Do not scrub the surface when trying to remove stains because it may fade the fabric. Simply apply a bit of delicate detergent and let it settle for a few minutes.

> Hand wash in cold water by submerging the item and gently agitating the water with your hands to distribute the soap evenly. Soak for up to 30 minutes, rinse thoroughly by running under cool water, and dry by pressing the water out of the item (do not twist or wring).

> Always dry flat and steam inside out at a low temperature (maximum 110ºC).

> Store folded. Do not hang as this will alter the item’s shape.