A missing button is the most common and easiest thing to mend :)
All paloma wool garments that have buttons come with an extra button joined to the hand tag, please keep them for any possible future reparations.



[1] Place your piece on a flat surface and fasten all its buttons to spot the missing button.

[2] Mark the eye of the missing buttonhole with a pencil directly onto the fabric. Unfasten everything and place your new button on top of the pencil mark.

[3] Thread the needle and leave equal lengths of thread on either side of the needle, making two knots at the same point at the end of each side.

[4] Start from the inner part of the garment and poke the needle through the pencil mark from the underside.

[5] Pull the thread until the knot catches the fabric layer and then pass the needle through the button eye. Pass the needle through the opposite side and push the needle through the same point from where you started. Repeat this four times.

[6] Fix the thread by turning the fabric over and passing the needle through to make a knot. Repeat this a couple of times to ensure the knot and clip any excess thread. It’s fixed :)

*If you are fixing a button on a jacket, we suggest wrapping the thread a few times around the base of the button to make it even more durable.

[All you need]

Thread 20cm long
(7,87 inches)


Regular needle