Ribbed knitted sleeves in super soft thread. Color red.

Ref. NJ1291

36% Mulesing Free Wool 35% Polyacrilic Fiber 15% Responsible Alpaca 7% Polyamide 5% Recycled Polyamide 1% Elastane.

Our knits are mulesing-free from carefully, pain-free shaven animals that are bred and fed in their natural environment, respecting their natural habitat and life patterns. 

Responsible Alpaca comes from animals bred in their natural environment, respecting their habits. Alpaca BBY labels mean the wool is carefully shorn off an animal for the first time before they are three years old. 

Some designs require polyamide in their composition, so we apply and reuse polyester from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. 

The manufacturing of pieces from recycled polyester is an effective method to reduce the significant environmental footprint of plastic while providing beneficial and effective fabrics. 

We believe it can be a positive closed-loop production system as everything can be continuously recycled with no quality degradation, ensuring durability and minimizing waste.

Made in Spain.

Dulcie (1,71m) is wearing size S.

These measurements in cm are taken flat from seam to seam. We recommend you compare them with a piece you have at home and check our size guide online if you have any doubts.

Total length1516171819
Front width3131,53232,533


Do not bleach.

Do not tumble dry.

Low iron max 110ºC

Dry clean. 

Optimum care

Knits do not need regular washing; we suggest you air your piece out if it feels stuffy. 

Care more

Washing: Turn your piece inside out and handwash in cold water only; avoid stretching or twisting the garment during the process and remove directly from the water when finished. We do not recommend it but, in case you machine wash, it is essential never to use any temperature above 30º or spin clean as it will stretch and strain your knits. 

Drying: Lay knits on a dry towel and press carefully to remove any excess water, place it flat in its original shape to help dry evenly. Once dry, fold and do not hang. Never use hangers for knitted pieces as they can help stretch or cause deformations and make holes in the garment. 

Steaming: If you need to iron, use the steam at 110 heat and avoid pressing the iron directly onto the fabric. We suggest gently moving the garment around while steaming for it to mold into its original shape. 

Stains: Gently clean the area with a cloth dipped in cold water and soap.

Taking care of your pieces will make them last much longer while still looking good :)