We suggest you lay your puffer unfolded for 24 hours before its first use for it to remodel itself into its ideal shape and volume.


[Optimum care]

For best results, we suggest you take your puffer to the dry cleaners once a year. Otherwise, only wash when necessary following the care instructions.

[Care More]

> If your puffer can be only hand washed, use a delicate detergent to rub your piece gently. It is essential when washing not to remove it from the tub without rolling it up, as the weight of the water can damage the inner volume. If it’s allowed to use the washing machine, keep in mind that stained areas can be treated with spray-on stain products or washing machine soap before putting it inside.

> The best way to keep your puffer in good condition is to air dry. Avoid direct sunlight, and set it down on a towel in a dry area. Make sure to turn the garment around once you feel one side is dry, and do not hesitate to manually even out any inner lumps if you see that the lining bundles together. If the care label allows it to tumble dry, we recommend if using it adding clean tennis balls to your dryer, as it helps distribute the jacket filling evenly.

> Do not iron.

> Ensure your puffer is completely dry before storing it in a closed space, as the filling can retain moisture.