We would like to give some tips so that you can enjoy wearing our knitted pieces for a long time.

Optimum care
Knits do not need regular washing; we suggest you air your piece out if it feels stuffy. See it >
Turn your piece inside out and handwash in cold water only; avoid stretching or twisting the garment during the process and remove directly from the water when finished.We do not recommend it but, in case you machine wash, it is essential never to use any temperature above 30· or spin clean as it will stretch and strain your knits. See it >
Lay knits on a dry towel and press carefully to remove any excess water, place it flat in its original shape to help dry evenly. Once dry, fold and do not hang. Never use hangers for knitted pieces as they can help stretch or cause deformations and make holes in the garment. See it >