Sati Leonne Faulks

November 15, 2023

Sati is a California-born furniture and set designer based in Paris who puts together uniquely chosen materials to create stimulating and multidisciplinary pieces and spaces. His work ethics show significant support to women working in the industry, upcycling and reinvention.

How would you define your work?

I would have to break it down to providing a service of creating/altering spaces. Whenever a project comes my way, my usual first inquiry is ‘where.’ Often, it is the environment that will tell you what is possible or should be done within it.

What moves you to do what you do?

For most projects, it is strategic or financial, to be honest, but for some, like PW, it's very much so the people involved, the way of working, and also the freedom to create something unique, something of the moment that won’t last forever.

Who are some of your creative (or non-creative) references?

Here are some.

My family, partner, and son.

Franz West

Laura Schnitger

Gilles Jacot

Mike Kelley

Joseph Beuys

Japan tools

Made in Hong Kong by Fruit Chan

You’ve created sets for our world tour in Paris, New York and soon to come London, each one different in so many ways, how have you approached these projects/challenges?

With a very open mind, being very flexible / adaptive and always having a great team.

Do you have a dream project? 

Dream project, to build a house and then another more quickly tangible one is to make more furniture pieces. I’d like to make some pieces that last long after i am gone and people will still use and appreciate.

NYC space and furniture design by Sati Leonne Faulks in collaboration with Bailey Rose Brown, Coline Brune and Mark Malecki.