Igualada knitwear manufacturer

73 Km from our studio
Founded in 2006

With its factory located only an hour away from our head office, this is our main knitwear supplier. They believed in our brand from its start and have accoimpagned us through the years, growing both businesses together. They work with very small family owned factories to produce your favorite knits such as the Orinocco and the Claudia trousers, the Enya top or the Palmira jumper. The man running this business visits us with samples weekly, and has become after so many years working and growing together, part of the paloma wool family.

Sabadell woven manufacturer

24 Km from our studio
Founded in 2020

Paloma's family, most of whom work in fashion, have worked with this family-run business for decades. This supplier was crutial for paloma wool's creation and growth. Last year, after the owner retired, the daughter, a brilliant and super capable woman, decided to continue the business under a new name. She is now making most of our woven pieces, including all the linen, most of our 5-pocket pants and jackets and the now iconic Leandra shirt and Lera top.

Portugal tricot manufacturer

1172 Km from our studio
Founded in 1987

We have worked with this Portuguese supplier since early stages of our brand. Located in the middle of beautiful Potuguese fields, they are our biggest jersey supplier. They make some of our most popular pieces like the Carole and Junio cupro top and pants or the Cancun top. Under normal ciscumstances our design and production teams fly out to Portugal at least twice a year to ensure everything is running smoothly; to discover any innovation they have implemented and of course to say hello to the team.

Elche footwear manufacturer

532 Km from our studio
Founded in 1996

Located in Spain's footwear hub with years of foowear traditional handcraft, Elche, this supplier produces most of our shoes, including bestsellers such as the Balance sandals or the Emilia boots. Our partner Rosanna, who is part of the paloma wool family, visits all our footwear suppliers on a regular basis, establishing a close relationship with them that allows us to establish great proximity to our products.

Malgrat de Mar leather manufacturer

65 Km from our studio
Founded in 1996

We can't say we have a favorite supplier but if we had to, this one would be on the top of the list. Based in a beatiful coastal town near Barcelona they make almost all our bags. The Olivia, the Miranda, the Cayetano and Cayetanito... are only a few of our best sellers made by them. We have a very close relationship with these leather experts who make beautiful and high quality bags. Moreover, being a small business, they allow us to make small productions that adapt to our requirements with no need to stock ourselves for ages. this follows our sustainable strategy of buying tighter stock and avoid stock excess.

China – Wuxi outerwear manufacturer

8322 Km from our studio
Founded in 2001

It is incredibly hard to produce puffer jackets locally, that is why we chose to find a supplier in China that could adapt to our needs and values. This supplier is supervised by an agent that has worked with us and Paloma's family for years. They are specialized in lighweight puffers and silk scarfs. They are being incredibly helpful in our goal to be more sustainable, presenting us with multiple sustainable fabrics and materials.

Barcelona swimwear manufacturer

9 Km from our studio
Founded in 1980

All our swimwear is made by this local supplier. They are a family run business with many years of experience in the swimwear industry. We absolutely love them, not only because of their local ethical production but also for the quality of their pieces and their interest on sustainability. Every years they present us with new sustainable developments like water free printing, or recycled plastic fabrics.